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Run, For-Russ! Run!

For-Russ Gump Carnahan has been sending out the end-of-quarter e-mails over the past few days to bolster his campaign war-chest.  In his e-mail campaign, he tells us he is running for… …well, he doesn’t tell us.  I can only guess he’s running for Congress.

But where?

I went to his web site to find that he’s, I guess, running for Missouri’s 3rd U.S. Congressional District… …in the ‘Way-Back Machine’.  The 3rd District looks quite a bit like a district… …that no longer exists!

Well, before you ‘Join the Carnahan Crew’, you might want to ‘Get The Facts’ about the Congressional Seat for which Carnahan is running.  You certainly wont find out on his web site, and there are no links to a campaign site in his e-mail.

Maybe he just wants more of your money for brother Tom.

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Koster Kicks-Off MO Atty General Campaign

Attorney General Chris Koster kicked off his 2012 campaign as the incumbent for the Missouri Attorney General job…

…I mean…

“Attorney General Chris Koster begrudginly filed a federal appeals court document in support of a lawsuit brought by Florida and 25 other states challenging the constitutionality of the federal health care law enacted by President Barack Obama last year.”


The only way this makes sense is that his pre-election polling has determined that he won’t keep his seat unless he joins the suit against ObamaCare.

Ya think?

  • Countless Missourians have called and written begging him to join the suit.
  • The Missouri Legislature passed a resolution asking him to join the suit
  • Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder filed his own suit
  • Missourians overwhelmingly passed the Healthcare Freedom Act in August 2010

…and NOW, Chris Koster has decided to join in?!?!  Is it just me?  Or, is anyone else suspect of his timing here?

Okay, Mr. Koster, if you’ve decided that you DO believe in the U.S. Constitution, how about filling suit against the 4th-amendment-busting-sexual-assault going on daily at Lambert and Kansas City Airports?  Have you not noticed that’s unconstitutional too?



Considering some text from the rest of the story, I feel his support is pretty halfhearted:

“He also said mandates for certain businesses to provide insurance to their employees would be allowed under the Constitution’s power for Congress to regulate commerce.

Koster also outlined several alternatives under which the insurance mandate could be upheld — though he described them as challenging interpretations. Those include allowing states to opt in or out of the federal health care law, upholding the penalty under Congress’ power to levy taxes or allowing an exception to the historical understanding of the commerce clause restrictions that is narrowly tailored for health care.”

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Is Carnahan Up For The Job?

The Washington Times reports that Missouri is one of 5 states that have not implemented the electronic-delivery requirement under the MOVE Act.  The MOVE Act was enacted in 2009 to ensure that our Military brothers and sisters abroad were not denied their right to vote (as was rampant in 2008)

The Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE Act) requires states to mail absentee ballots at least 45 days before an election and requires states to use electronic delivery mechanisms to expedite the delivery of absentee ballots to military members.

As I read the article, I prayed that Missouri would not be on this list… …knowing, personally, friends and coworkers who have family members in harms way.  But to my disappointment, there was Missouri on the list.

Robin Carnahan, the Secretary of State of Missouri, would be your employee responsible for enacting the measures described under the MOVE Act.  Much will be made of her Senatorial opponent’s voting record in the run-up to the November 2010 election.  So, if we’re going to look at Robin’s record, on this one, we see… …job NOT done.

But, we’re to believe she’s up for the next job she wants.

I know I’ll hear about “legislature this” and “governor that” and “Matt Blunt email thus” and “It’s Bush’s Fault”, but the bottom line is that the job should have got done.

Here’s some more from Big Government on Carnahan’s shenanigans with the voter roles

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Iraq: The War Is Lost

Time for some $500/hr political consulting:

If I were Sharon Angle or her campaign manager, I’d spend 2,000 pounds of dollar bills on a commercial that re-re-re-repeats Harry Reid’s “The War is Lost” comment about the Iraq War.  Covering the rest of the screen would be a slideshow of headlines and pictures of how the Troop Surge was a success, how we are about to pull out, and (even though the President won’t say it) WIN.

The kicker (with the obligatory ultra-deep voiced announcer):

Harry Reid gave up on America’s greatness. Do you?

Cut to a picture of Sharon Angle talking with troops!

Vote Sharon Angle!

(Contact me at for where to send the check)

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Democrats To Cut Taxes

Knowing that Democrats care about getting elected FIRST and the American People, the Deficit, and reality LAST, we know that they will vote to extend the Bush Tax Cuts well in advance of the elections this fall.  They will traipse around the country declaring that they care about the deficit and keeping the tax burden at a minimum for the middle class.

In the past 4 years that the Democrats have been in control of Congress, they have talked  constantly about the need to raise revenues (taxes) and little (if any) about cutting spending.  Steny Hoyer confirms the Democrat mantra here. In fact, the increase in the DEFICIT (amount borrowed)  from 2007 – 2011 will be 5 TRILLION dollars.

The lack of responsibility in the Democrat Congress is astounding and completely ignores the will of the people — with or without the Tea Party.  The electorate for the 18 months that is the Obama presidency have shown time and again that they intend to elect Fiscal Conservatives to get our spending under control (including Social Security and Medicare), keep taxes low, and retire the country’s debt.  The electorate has told Congress and the President that it is time for Americans to be responsible for themselves, protect their borders, return illegal immigrants to their country of origin, and return to the Constitution’s intent of a small Federal Government.

Yet, those in the Democratically controlled government continue to tell us that we need more government.  That’s the same things as the vacuum cleaner salesman telling you that you need a stronger vacuum cleaner.

America’s not buying what they’re selling, and while the Democrats move to the Center to run for re-election, let all voters stay alert to the big government gods and high tax goddesses that the Democrats truly serve.

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It’s A Democrat! What Else Would You Expect?

Ed Martin, regarding your e-mail mentioning Robin Carnahan’s sudden Fiscal Conservative Pose… …folks, she’s a Democrat.  Democrats tax and spend! Period.  They always have; they always will.  Obama AND McCaskill ran as moderates.  They have taxed and spent us from $9T in debt to $13T in debt in 18 short months.  To my Democrat friends, don’t buy this crap.

Vote for REAL fiscal Conservatives and hold their feet to the fire!!  I plan to be harder on Republicans running as Fiscal Conservatives than we ever were on Democrats.

1. Repeal 16
2. Repeal 17
3. Repeal parts of 14
4. Balanced Budget / Consumption Tax Amendment
5. America is back on track…


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Will They Get It?

American Citizens started exercising in 2009 and are continuing to get some great exercise in 2010.  I, too, love to take my rights out and exercise them when I have a chance.  And against all the elitist snobbery evinced by the State Run Media, American Citizens continue to vote against the Washington establishment, the 30+ year incumbents, and the dire warnings of those that want to stay in power.  They continue to vote against what has been revealed as the true platform of the Obama Administration and the Socialist Progressive Democrat Party.  If you are in power in Congress (and soon the Presidency), you are likely to be out of power soon.  No one is safe in either party.

The pundits, especially on the Left, are confounded by this turn of events.  With disbelief that the American Citizens have rejected the march to Socialism, they lament that this is not a referendum on the Obama Presidency.  Even Ben Stein posed that it was wrong to vote out the incumbents because they voted for TARP.   Unfortunately, Mr. Stein does not recognize what the American Citizens do… …that the Government has been working for Wall Street and not Main Street; that Wall Street got big bonuses and Main Street got laid off; Wall Street got bailed out with Main Street’s hard work and labors.

American Citizens get it, but will the Republican Party wake up to what is expected of them.  This is the last chance for the Republican Party.  If they are honored with a majority in Congress and the Presidency, this is their last opportunity provide the country with the planks they say define their party:  Limited Government, Low Taxes, Balanced Budget and Security.

Tread carefully Republicans, Conservatives and Libertarians and Teabaggers don’t trust you, but we are willing to give you one more try.

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