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God Spoke Yesterday

Nearing in on a year, I’ve been dating Michelle, and we both think we might have finally found one with whom we are compatible.  Our passions for Conservative activism, computer geekery, a loving God and Savior, and a great match of goofy sense of humor have created the building blocks of a great relationship!  If there is such a thing; we may be soul mates.

Yesterday, God spoke to Michelle!!  He probably saved her life!

As I write, we are at the hospital in Des Peres, MO.  Michelle texted me yesterday (she never calls) saying that she was having excruciating pain in her abdomen.  A few hours later she was heading to the Urgent Care.  Hours later, she reported very high Blood Pressure, a completed CT Scan, bad Kidney numbers, and still the excruciating pain.  Finally, the doctor looked at the scan and saw a cyst on her left ovary.

The Urgicare doctor recommended she go to the hospital, and ‘had her Potassium numbers been bad would have put her in an ambulance’.

Michelle, acting like a typical male, refused and went home.  I arrived home to find her laying on the couch and occasionally moaning in pain.  A couple of hours passed, the pain strengthened, and the moaning grew louder.  Finally, she capitulated and agreed to leave for the hospital.  I recommended Des Peres Hospital after having found the Emergency Room empty on a prior visit!  But, as usual, unless you’re screaming in pain or unconscious, the ER folks move at a glacial pace.

After an eternal 2-hour wait, Michelle got a shot of morphine.  Relief?  No.  A half hour later, a shot of Dilaudid – one of the most powerful painkillers available – finally took the edge off the pain.

It was a long night and morning wondering what was going on.  Various doctors visited and asked alot of questions. NO ONE seemed concerned enough (to us) about the pain and the cyst.  They all seemed preoccupied with the kidney numbers.

Finally, the nephrologist arrived.  We discussed in detail the results of all her tests and found out that her kidneys were functioning at 10%!  Ten Percent!!  And, though she’s had chronic kidney failure since she was a child and has known that at some point that failure would advance, it is well past time to start paying detail attention to this medical issue.  Dialysis and transplant are likely in the coming years.

The pain?  Likely from the cyst.  Not that big of a deal though uncomfortable.  Probably will go away on its own.  Unrelated to the kidney issue.

But, I don’t think there could have been a bigger alarm bell than the pain that got her to the hospital in the first place.  She wasn’t attending to her underlying problem, so God said, “Alright, we’ll get the focus on her health!”

And boy did He!

Had He not intervened, her kidneys might have completely shut-down before we even gave them a thought!  There were no symptoms; no indications.  No clue that her kidneys needed attention.

Thanks to God Almighty for speaking to her and keeping her under His care!


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FCC Robert McDowell Interview from

Who’d have thunk that one of the most interesting speakers at RightOnline (.com) was given the task of enlightening the crowd during dinner on Friday night.  His speech, while not for the masses, piqued the interest of Michelle Moore and me since we are a pair of geeks.

FCC Chairman Robert McDowell spent a large portion of the speech discussing ‘NET Neutrality’ and he talked more about it with Michelle Moore on Saturday here.

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